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Blog Post Preview:
Under the Hood: Volume 13: The Best Place to Buy Hoodies Online

So I've said this before and I'll say it again; Hoodiezz.com's mission is to become "The Best Place to Buy Hoodies Online." And to do that we first need to have the best hoodies online.

We've come one step closer to our goal, because we have developed partnerships with about 10 new online retailers, and we have talks going on with Reebok, Adidas and ModCloth. We're hand picking from their hoodie selections and adding new hoodies to Hoodiezz.com everyday. Because a lot of sites have quantity, we want quality.

Our goal is to have new hoodies (That you'll love) ready for sale everyday, we want to develop relationships with new merchandisers every week, and grow our web presence so that you our customers can easily find us, and then find the hoodies that you want.

That is what the best does. We don't have to continually bother you, and ask for your business. We want our customers to come back, because they know that we have a vast collection of quality hoodies on our site.

Again I say. Hoodiezz.com is on a mission to become "The Best Place to Buy Hoodies Online". and Lord willing; we'll be able to achieve our goal soon.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.